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NM/PWDT/NIT-023E/2023-2024 2023_MAD_590715_1
PWD WorksBituminus WorksRepairing of potholes of existing bituminus roads (i.e:, i) charichara bazar road, ii) jahurlal neheru road, iii) dandapani tala ghat road, iv) koler danga road, v) teghari para road, vi) palta ghat road, vii) biswas para road, viii) nandi para road,2023-10-122023-11-012366953.00
NM/PWDT/NIT-025E/2023-2024 2023_MAD_590721_1
PWD WorksBuilding Work Repairing and renovation works at ground floor to strengthning of school building of nabadwip hindu high school under nabadwip urban clrc and nabadwip municipality.2023-10-122023-11-01445588.35
PHC/NM/NIQ-8E/2022-23. 2023_MAD_490869_1
Conservancy WorksSupplying Material supply and delivery at site of ten numbers of four wheeled trailers with compartments,2023-03-112023-03-180.00
NM/PWDT/NIT-029E/2022-2023 2023_MAD_480520_1
PWD WorksConcrete Road Work construction of cement concrete road from the house of subodh ukil up to the house of kalikinkar banerjee at banerjee para bye lane, ward no 16 under nabadwip municipality, nabadwip nadia2023-02-242023-03-101062916.00
NM/PWDT/NIT-030E/2022-2023 2023_MAD_480749_1
PWD WorksConcrete Road Work Construction of cement concrete road from the house of narayan banerjee up to the house of shyam sundar debnath at sarkar para road, ward no 16 under nabadwip municipality, nabadwip nadia2023-02-242023-03-10968378.00
NM/PWDT/NIT-031E/2022-2023 2023_MAD_480775_1
PWD WorksBuilding Work Construction for proposed comunity hall at agomeswari para bazar under nabadwip municipality address agomeswari para bazar road ward no 3, mouza 20 no. nabadwip. in the district of nadia.2023-02-242023-03-101465991.00
NM/PWDT/NIT-032E/2022-2023 2023_MAD_480777_1
PWD WorksBuilding Work Repair works of dr. bidhan chandra roy swastho kendra. (u.p.h.c.-1) under nabadwip municipality address ranirchara road. nabadwip, in the district of nadia.2023-02-242023-03-101265449.00
NM/PWDT/NIT-033E/2022-2023 2023_MAD_480778_1
PWD WorksBuilding Work Repair works of sister nibedita health center. (u.p.h.c.-2) under nabadwip municipality, fulbagan road. ward no- 18, nabadwip. in the district of nadia.2023-02-242023-03-10464801.00
NM/PWDT/NIT-034E/2022-2023 2023_MAD_480779_1
PWD WorksBuilding Work Repair works of mother teresa swastho kendra. (u.p.h.c.-3) under nabadwip municipality, manipur-haritala kolerdanga road. ward no- 19, nabadwip in the district of nadia.2023-02-242023-03-10530579.00
03/REV/NM/22-23 2023_MAD_470690_1
Revenue Dept.Lease/rentExpress of interest (eoi) take over the 25% share of (g+4) storied residential & commercial building at nabadwip bus stand covered floor area measuring approx 24400 sqft and super buildup area approx more or less 29280 sqft.2023-02-092023-03-031.00