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PWD WorksConcrete Road Work Construction of cement concrete road at basak para 7th lane from the house of lakshmi halder upto the h/o baidyanath halder, ward no. 07 (seven)2021-07-192021-08-024361825.00
23/Q/STORE/NM/2021-22 DATED 16.07.2021
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of led monitor, anti virus, ups etc.2021-07-162021-07-230.00
24/Q/STORE/NM/2021-22 DATED 16.07.2021
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply oft lamp, igniter , ballast etc.2021-07-162021-07-230.00
22/Q/STORE/NM/2021-22 DATED 15.07.2021
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of core bit, cutter, wincher etc.2021-07-152021-07-220.00
21/Q/STORE/NM/2021-22 DATED 13.07.2021
Supply of wire.2021-07-132021-07-190.00
NM/WS/NIQ-3E(2ND CALL)/2021-22
Water Supply Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply and delivery at site isi mark socket and spigot jointing system centrifugally cast di (k9/k7) pipes conforming to is 8329-2000 (third revision) in standard length 4 m, 5 m, 5.50 m, 6 m for push-on joint (rubber gasket) with internal cement mor2021-07-102021-07-300.00
20/Q/STORE/NM/2021-22 DATED 08.07.2021
Store Dept.Supplying Material supply ofprint stock book.2021-07-082021-07-140.00
19/Q/STORE/NM/2021-22 DATED 06.07.2021
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of a4 size paper, pen, file, duster, calculator etc.2021-07-062021-07-130.00
18/Q/STORE/NM/2021-22 DATED 06.07.2021
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of desktop & ups . 2021-07-062021-07-120.00
16/Q/STORE/NM/2021-22 DATED 05.07.2021
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply ofstarter .2021-07-052021-07-110.00