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25/Q/STORE/NM/2022-23 DATED 06.06..2022
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of steep ladder 2022-06-062022-06-130.00
Water Supply Dept.Pipe Line WorksPipe line works in 1no gouranga colony, 2no gouranga colony and other words at nabadwip municipal area.2022-06-062022-06-202527378.00
26/Q/STORE/NM/2022-23 DATED 06.06..2022
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of switch set . 2022-06-062022-06-130.00
NM/PWDT/NIT-43E(3RD CALL)/2021-22
Conservancy WorksBuilding Work Rejuvenation of pollution control device make ss 304 with installation of 30 mtrs height self supported chimnney at municipal burning ghat under nabadwip municipality2022-06-042022-06-202680882.00
24/Q/STORE/NM/2022-23 DATED 03.06.2022
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of cover file, duster, pen etc2022-06-032022-06-100.00
23/Q/STORE/NM/2022-23 DATED 01.06.2022
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of printing councillors pads, form etc2022-06-012022-06-080.00
22/Q/STORE/NM/2022-23 DATED 27.05.2022
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of led bulb2022-05-272022-06-030.00
21/Q/STORE/NM/2022-23 DATED 20.05.2022
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of battery, exalter etc . 2022-05-202022-05-270.00
Conservancy WorksSupplying MaterialSupply of rikshaw trolly (to pickup drains garbage)- size 60" x 32" x 26" height frame made of 30x 30x 5 mm ms angle with 30x 5mm m.s flat body made of 18 gauge galvanized sheet. bottom cover with 18 gauge galvanaised sheet. tri cycle van made of kw.2022-05-192022-06-03178349.00
18/Q/STORE/NM/2022-23 DATED 18.05.2022
Store Dept.Supplying MaterialSupply of socket, nipple, elbow etc. 2022-05-182022-05-250.00